Here at Appin Nursery and Crèche we have a number of facilities to make sure your child is well settled and cared for, please continue reading to find out more.

Our Baby Room

Our babies are given a safe, tranquil and airy space where they can sleep comfortably and enjoy being played with, talked to and given lots of care and stimulation. Developing good communication with our babies is vital as we know that this is the basis for their ongoing wellbeing, growth and development during their time in Appin Nursery & Creche.

Our secure garden area is available for babies to enjoy and organised baby walks are provided on a daily basis, weather permitting.Each baby will have a consistent carer assigned whose responsibility it is to follow the baby’s individual routine and to ensure stability and continuity. Each carer has in depth knowledge about baby developmental stages and milestones and can readily apply this knowledge to the individual needs of the baby. Our baby staff will receive regular training in a range of approaches particularly suited to helping babies feel safe, secure, settled and stimulated, for example ‘baby calming’, ‘interactive baby games’ and ‘responding to separation anxiety’.

Our infants are aged between 12 months and 2 years. Infants can safely use their developing mobility to discover and learn in many different and exciting ways.

Staff responsible for the care and education of infants are trained and experienced in supporting early language, social skills and play. Infants will visit outdoor play areas daily, weather permitting.

An infant’s co-ordination will be developing a lot by this stage and indoor soft play and outdoor garden play will be available for infants as part of their daily routine and active learning opportunities. As their walking improves, infants are encouraged to push trolleys or other toys on wheels.

Our Toddlers are 2-3 years old. Our spacious sunny playrooms provide space for different learning opportunities through creative play,music, and active and messy play as well as social mixing.

Luke in our Art Room

Staff working with this age group are particularly interested in fully developing opportunities for physical co-ordination, imaginative play, familiarisation with books and crayons, independence (for example, brushing teeth, dressing).

Staff are also very aware of the importance of emerging language skills at this stage and key workers will be focusing on encouraging and developing this through singing, language games and individual conversations with toddlers. Here, toddlers can move around and play safely under the close supervision of our nursery staff.

Pre School

3-5 year olds use both the upper floor of the nursery and a ground floor learning area situated immediately adjacent to the creative play area. Pre-schoolers enjoy easy access to the large outdoor garden area. They can visit and re-visit, exercising their own choices and developing their own learning as they freely select from the broad range of activities and experiences available to them.

Learning opportunities for this age group will be appropriately broad and varied in order to provide as many activities as possible to benefit the physical, social, emotional and mental development of each child. A range of experiences is therefore provided including imaginative play, creative play, group work, construction, interactive technology, music, drama, art and languages.

Luke and Saorsa on Telephone

Luke & Saorsa

The 3-5 year olds have very good access to outdoor play and learning experiences. They are fully encouraged to explore their outdoor surroundings thoroughly and can do so in a particularly safe and spacious outdoor area which is well equipped and differentiated for their range of needs.

Staff will be very aware that children in this age group are entering the preparatory stage for their more formal learning opportunities. There will be important emphasis on pre-literacy and numeracy skills as well as on the broader range of experiences and outcomes required under Curriculum for Excellence guidelines such as citizenship and relationships.

SAM_3581Our large, safe, fully enclosed garden and play area has been developed to include a good variety of sensory play, outdoor learning, active play and imaginary play areas.  Our children can access the outdoor area easily and safely during each session.

SAM_3586 There is a strong ethos of respect for the wonder of nature at Appin Nursery & Creche, All of our children are fully encouraged to explore, discover and protect their outdoor area and the vegetation and wild life found there.

SAM_3583There will be important social mixing during outside play at certain times, which is useful for children of different ages and for children from the same family.  However, each age group also has its own space in its own outside area under supervision at particular times.


Soft Play Area

Soft Play
There is a soft play area for each age group to enjoy as part of their indoor physical activities. We also encourage the use of imaginative play. The type of soft play and indoor gym equipment varies on a regular basis so that all children enjoy a good range of physical opportunities. As in all areas careful supervision takes place even when children are using soft play equipment.

Our generous accommodation will allow us to have some smaller areas suitable for children who from time to time may need a quieter environment.  The same play and learning opportunities will always be provided here.

Commute & Park
Appin Nursery and Creche has its own designated car park facility.  The car park is situated in Atholl Place, immediately adjacent to the Nursery premises.

Transport and commutingThe location of our large car park ensures safe, convenient and easy access to the Nursery building for parents, children and staff.

Appin Nursery & Creche users can enjoy a completely free all day parking facility which is located very close to Dunfermline town centre ( 15 minutes walk, 5 minutes by bus), Dunfermline bus station ( 20 minutes walk, 8 minutes by bus) and Dunfermline rail station ( 20 minutes walk through the quiet residential areas of Transy / Park Place and the popular leafy parklands of Dunfermline) from where frequent rail services to Edinburgh operate via the Fife Circle routes.

Transport and commuting 2

Appin Nursery & Creche is situated on one of the main bus routes into and from Dunfermline and therefore benefits from frequent reliable bus services throughout the day.  Bus stops are located immediately outside the Nursery buildings.  From here, buses to and from Dunfermline town centre pass at 10 minute intervals (Bus service No. 19) and 20 minute intervals.

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