February 2017 Newsletter

Fife Council – Visits

We have been working very hard in our Pre-School age group since gaining Partnership, re-vamping areas and working with our outside contacts to provide the best possible experiences here at Appin.


As most of you will all be aware we having visits from the new school teacher Liz who comes out and helps the room staff understand exactly what Fife Council are looking for, and she also does activities with the children. The woodworking with a big tree stump, a hammer, nails and buttons was an excellent activity for the children involved.


We also have Aileen who has been a big, big help to the improvements in the rooms and the continuous hard work being put in by every member of staff.


We were to have our first equate visit on Friday 3rd March however Grace, the team leader, has had to postpone this for a couple of weeks for personal reasons. We are very confident that we are doing very well indeed.


Staffing News

Debbie, our Senior Practitioner in Little Learners, has won a well deserved promotion and will be leaving us here at Appin to move on to a new job adventure. We wish her all the very best and good luck in her future journey. However, she is not leaving us until the end of March and she is determined that all transitions will be handled smoothly. Rest assured that every one of her key-children will continue to be supported to the best of or ability.


Fee Increase

It is with great reluctance that I have to inform you all that external forces; Rates and the Government, have meant that for the first time in two years Nursery fees have to increase. I have written to each of you individually explaining how these changes will affect your own situation and offering the opportunity to talk to me should you have real concerns. The fee sheet is attached.



Please be reminded that the Sort Code for Santander is 09 01 29 and Account Number 01756360. Please note fee schedule as per your invoice.


Nursery Opening

The Nursery closes every evening at 6.30 pm. It is important that all parents arrive at least 10 minutes before this time in order to have the chance for effective feedback on their child/children.


Please speak to Gillian or Mike if you have any questions?


Space for Storage

Our numbers have increased in LLs and Dazzlers in particular, and our pegs are getting very cluttered. Please be reminded that we should only have 1 bag with spare clothes, etc, 1 pair of wellies (put into ‘cubbies’) and a wet weather outfit that can be placed on a peg. Thank you for your cooperation.


What have the Children been up to?


This month Dazzlers used their fundraising money to improve the baby room. They invested money in 3 new natural wooden units and wicker baskets also new books, stickle bricks and animals for the children.


Dazzler’s topics have been varied this month but the main topic has been Body Parts. Children were learning body parts and pointing these out to staff, we provided many activities and opportunities for them to continue and learn more body parts. We started by having song times and singing Head, Shoulders, Knees & Toes at various times throughout the weeks also we got small shaped mirrors from resource base using these to recognise themselves and their own body parts.


We have also been celebrating culture listening to different cultured music, dancing and using musical instruments to sing and dance along.


We have also got many chances to go out in the garden and explore with the weather getting better – still very cold but better than the last few weeks!


The children loved celebrating Pancake Day! The Dazzlers liked flipping them in the pan and decorating them with different sauces but didn’t fancy eating them much. Sorry Joyce!


In March we will be moving on to another main topic “learning about spring”.



This month Explorers have been connecting with the community going shopping in our local shops near the nursery learning how to pay for items with money. They then turned their role play area into a shop doing some great role play with friends.


One new area you may have noticed that is new in the Explorer area is the new Indoor Sensory Garden, trying to make it a more calm outdoors/indoors themed area for the children to play in and enjoy.


Also they have been learning about animals this month through many activities such as Role play, Stories and painting.


One big topic this month for Explorers has been about Eating Healthy, They have been doing this by discussing healthy foods at meal times and making their own healthy vegetable kebabs having choices to create their own.


Little Learners

In Little Learners there has been a new development in the garden a new Car Track/Area has been put together by staff and children, they all seem to love it so far!


The Children have been working hard in their room on their latest Gift Enterprise idea and will be a surprise. Please ask room staff about this if you don’t know anything about this.


A big topic this month has been about where we live, Scotland. The children were learning about Capital places in Scotland and what people like to do in Scotland and where the children may know here. They also listened to a song “Flower of Scotland” learning some of the words.


Little Learners last topic has been celebrating Pancake Day! The children learned about what ingredients they need to make pancake mix and also about how to cook them. Children loved being involved in helping Joyce flip some home-made  pancakes, they then got to decorate their own pancake with sauces and different things. Well Done Guys!


One of the Pre-School children brought in something special from home this month that she wanted to let her friends see, it was a shedded snake skin from her pet, Tango!



Forest Kindergarten will start up again in Early March, or as soon as we can guarantee a bit of decent weather, whichever comes soonest.

                        From all at Appin











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