January 2017 Newsletter

Staffing News

Our new uniforms have been ordered, however when they arrive is a matter of some debate with the company. Watch out for them appearing, they are extremely smart.



Please be reminded that the Sort Code for Santander is 09 01 29 and Account Number 01756360. Please note fee schedule as per your invoice.


Nursery Opening

The Nursery closes every evening at 6.30 pm. It is important that all parents arrive at least 10 minutes before this time in order to have the chance for effective feedback on their child/children.

Please speak to Gillian or myself if you have any questions?


Illness, Bugs, Warm Clothes and Outdoor Play

Although I am repeating myself, please ensure that labelled outdoor clothes as well as indoor ‘light’ clothes are here in the Nursery. I am fairly sure that most have all the necessary clothing though.

Note: If your child has been physically sick or has a high temperature that seems more than a cold, you must not bring him/her into the Nursery.

If a child is physically sick they must remain off for 48 hours.


Space for Storage

Our numbers have increased in LLs and Dazzlers in particular, and our pegs are getting very cluttered. Please be reminded that we should only have 1 bag with spare clothes, etc, 1 pair of wellies (put into ‘cubbies’) and a wet weather outfit that can be placed on a peg. Thank you for your cooperation.


What have the Children been up to?


 This month’s topics have been Chinese New Year, Fire Engines, Winter Animals and Shopping.

The children all enjoyed the messy and sensory play with noodles, bean-shoots and rice in the build up to the ‘Chinese holiday’ as well as Shan’s cooking on the Monday.

On Burns Day the topic table was played with a great deal, as was the Penguin and Polar Bear table during the month.

Our usual walks this month past included shopping for toys and getting the slightly older children to choose what they wanted. In this case ‘stickle bricks’ and animals.

Messy play has gone down well and we are hopeful that the weather improves a bit, less wet, in order for all the children to take advantage of the astro-turf and the garden.



Explorers have, as usual, been busy painting and gluing for their displays. The Chinese New Year was celebrated by lots of painting of Lanterns and the ‘Dragons’ went down very well indeed as did the Chinese food tasting.

Burns day was celebrated in style; however the favourite part of that week was using chopsticks.

Lots of singing took place on the theme of animals, both wild and farm, I am sure you all know the words at home by now.

The explorers are also looking for wooden natural resources, e.g. boxes that you may have in the loft or in a garage. Wicker baskets as well they say.


Note: The camera date recorder was not set correctly; this was last month not 2013. The same with LLs!


Little Learners

This month’s topics for Little Learners were; Chinese New Year, Burns Day, Winter and lots of ‘individual’ topics.

Please take the time to look at the Parent’s information board where you can see in detail the type of activities taking pace every day with your children taking their own lead in learning and play.

Baking was also a big theme this past month with Joyce helping the children out with some sort of baking product every week. The shortbread was especially good for Burns day as was the Haggis!

Lots of music and dance as well as Garden time happened every day and many of the children are becoming keen on ‘mark-making’. If your child is showing an interest in writing words, letters, numbers, etc, please speak to the room staff or adds this information on to the Learning Journals parent’s part.


Note: Outdoor Learning

 Forest Kindergarten will start up again in Early March, or as soon as we can guarantee a bit of decent weather, whichever comes soonest.


From all at Appin


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