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Fife Council – Equate Visit

As you know we have worked very hard in our Pre-School age group, and other areas, since gaining Partnership. The ‘equate’ visit from Fife Council went well on Thursday 30th March and we will receive a formal report after the Easter break.


The main points looked at were 3.2 and 2.3 from “How Good is Our Early Learning and Childcare”. You can find information on the main aspects of the inspection on the wall next to the Office. A ‘comments’ display has also been put up to help you see the links between what is going on rooms and what education wants us to do. The initial feedback from the visiting inspectors indicated we were in a very good place on our journey and that they see real positive changes taking place.


The hyperlink below will take you into the website for this paper if you are interested:


Staffing News

Linsey is now the Senior Practitioner in Little Learners we wish her all the very best and we are sure she will do a great job alongside Syeeda and Courtney. Linsey will be taking on all of Debbie’s key children and the transition will be as smooth as possible.


The newest management structure is on the wall on the left of the main door as you come in and we are intending to ‘tidy up’ the photo board next week.


We are pleased to say that a new Practice Manager has been appointed, releasing Mike from a great deal of the ‘day to day’ running of the Nursery. She is Kellyann Lindsay, who was a Senior Practitioner three years ago now here at Appin, is returning. She has spent time as a Depute in another Nursery. We are really pleased to have ‘captured’ her and she will start on Tuesday 18th April. We are sure you will make her very welcome.


Fee Increase

You should all have had the e-mail about the fact, that with a new Director, Mrs Anisha Patel, coming on board, the fees have been able to remain the same for the time being.

Nursery Opening

The Nursery closes every evening at 6.30 pm. It is important that all parents arrive at least 10 minutes before this time in order to have the chance for effective feedback on their child/children.


Please speak to Gillian or Mike if you have any questions?


Space for Storage

Our numbers have increased in LLs and Dazzlers in particular, and our pegs are getting very cluttered. Please be reminded that we should only have 1 bag with spare clothes, etc, 1 pair of wellies (put into ‘cubbies’) and a wet weather outfit that can be placed on a peg. Names on clothes labels is also a god idea. Thank you for your cooperation.


Summer is Coming

Although it may not feel like it at the moment we are approaching the time when sun-cream and hats should be worn by the children. The floppy hat like the one below is recommended.


Room Changes

Upstairs you will have noted the new cloakroom for LLs, please encourage your children to keep it tidy? It is extremely important that children do not bring in their own toys or videos to the nursery, we can take no responsibility for any loss and it is often a great source of stress for staff and other children. The single bag should go on top of the units and wellies in the bottom cubby.


The children in both Explorers and LLs on Friday 31st were all involved in helping ‘clean’ and pack boxes for the move, they seem really excited by this.


In terms of the final room changes and displays, etc. Please bear with us for a wee while?


The Little Learners and Explorers children will join up on Monday 3rd April and we hope to have the change to sides made by Tuesday 4th. You will head up different stairs on Tuesday!


The Garden

An enclosed area now been constructed for the Dazzler children with a new grass area and a soft play area being laid, as well as having a ‘hard’ surface for cars and scooters, etc. I am sure that with warmer weather coming the children and staff will make full use of this new safe environment.


Dining Room – Menu

The ‘Breakfast’ room is now a ‘Dining’ room for both Dazzler children and Little Learner children at lunch and tea.


Dazzlers Explorers LLs
lunch 11.30 11.30 12.30
tea 3.30 4.00 4.00

Snack, normally fruit, is available between and after meals if needed.

You can find the menus as posts on our facebook page.



From all at Appin

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