Newsletter: 6th September 2015

Hello, everyone

Appin Nursery Open Day

On the 26th September we plan to have a family’s fun day. Face-painting, bouncy castle, games in the garden and in the building (if the weather is inclement) and hopefully some hockey practice for the older ones over on the grass in the car-park.

All children of whatever age in your family are welcome as are grandparents and relatives. Ideas for adult activities at the moment are: baby massage, Usborn books, a barbeque and soft drinks, a chance to chat to other parents and staff you may not often see and just watching your child having a good time. The staff are currently busy coming up with ideas and we might even get Tara, our resident show-jumper, to organise a pony ride or certainly a show and tell.

We will also be trying to raise money for charity and this year we have chosen Robin and Rachel House. There will be a bake sale and a raffle. If any of you think that you could help out in any way or contribute to the raffle, etc please let us know.

We aim to be open from 10.00 am till 12.30 and it will be a casual drop-in event.

Please drop me an e-mail over the next few days if you think you can make it? I will need to plan for all the catering!


New starts 

We are delighted to announce that there will be another new child starting their journey with us this week. We extend a very warm welcome to Kyla who is going into Explorers and also to Brodie Lee who will be returning to us on 14th September.



Syeeda is expecting a baby in a little while and during her pregnancy has reduced her hours. Melissa is reducing her hours to part-time also due to her now attending a College course.

I have agreed to a work placement for a senior pupil from DHS this week coming and I am confident that you will make her welcome.

Our qualified Cook’s assistant llze has been working hard over the past few weeks in Joyce’s absence and is looking forward to a wee rest when Joyce returns. I will be meeting with Joyce this week to discuss her operation but she says that she is doing well and will be back soon.

If you have any questions or concerns, please speak directly to Mike or Angela who will be happy to discuss this with you.


Children’s pick up routine – reminder

Should you arrive in Nursery to find that your child is out in the garden, please check in your child’s area for coat /jacket and bag(s) before going to the garden to collect your child if possible. Unfortunately it is not always possible for our staff to take all these items with them when they escort the children down to the garden. We hope this saves you a little journey time at the end of your tiring day. Thank you for your co-operation with this.



This new initiative, which is underway in Little Learners, has captured the imagination of the staff and the children. A floorbook looks a bit like a large scrapbook in size. This is because it is something that each child can see easily and contribute too readily in their own individual way.

As it develops, the floor book becomes a shared focal point for children to talk and think together about their experiences when in nursery. Keep a look out for this interesting new way of helping our children get involved in planning their very own best learning!


The ‘wee room’ – Competition Winner

Twenty eight name suggestions were received. The best of the runners up were:


The Noisy Quiet Room

Rising Stars

Wee Creators

The Den

The Snug


However, the winning entry was Marley Bennett with “FunStars” room. This seems to suit best what we have planned for the area. Thank you all for taking part.

Marley will receive a voucher for the Odeon Cinema for two adults and two children.


Parent Information evening with Carrie Lindsay

A small group of parents will be attending a meeting at 6.00 pm tomorrow 7th September to raise their concerns over the Fife Tendering process for Funded Places. I have enough seats and space for about 20 people in total. Please let me know as a matter of urgency if you intend coming?


What the Theme is for the Month

All areas have planned for variations on the theme of Autumn and British foods this month. So look out for display changes reflecting the change from sunshine and sand to wind and leaves falling.



A rearranged trip to Duloch Library took place on Monday morning with the Dazzler children all being excited about going on the bus and experiencing everything that entailed. The staff and children arrived there however to find it closed on the Bank Holiday! A trip to Tesco and the park and then the bus-ride back seemed to make the children just as happy though.

Kayleigh promises to check that it is open the next time, she had sorted out the travel arrangements, snack and planning well though.

The usual trips to the park and the garden for dazzlers went on during the rest of the week and the children seem to be gaining confidence in walking beside the buggies now and only using them when they are tired.

Little Learners are well into recycling at the moment and took a trip to Leys Park recycling centre and to our paper bins outside as well as going to Aldi’s recycling site to see the type of containers that each type of waste gets put into.

Little Learners and explorer children went on the bus to Dobbies garden centre for a visit to see the fruit trees and vegetable plots getting near to harvest. The playground in Dobbies is always a treat and the bus journey itself with counting cars, trees, being pointing out and their colours, etc and general talking between each other and the staff created a good end to the week.

The room displays are gradually filling up and the children have started to put their own work on the learning wall in Little Learners and in the floor-books.

PLPs/PLJs are out in each area for you to look at and, the staff are working very hard to get all the observations and next steps made over the past month placed in their key child’s folder in order for you to look at and comment upon.


Have a great day



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