Newsletter: December 2016

Forward Planning

New Year *Please see the notice at the end of the newsletter

 Partnership Update

I have updated the Fife Council spreadsheets with those children eligible for sums from Fife Council for term 3. Letters have been prepared on an individual basis.

If you have any questions please speak to me in the first instance. The process is pretty complicated.

– Mike


Staffing News

Manager’s Post

As indicated at the Christmas Party, Gillian will be taking on the job-share manager role with me from January 2017. She will be the Manager on Wednesdays and continue to be the Depute for the other days,


Other staffing

Syeeda returns to us on Monday 9th January and will be working upstairs in the main between the two areas. She has agreed to take on the responsibility for Health and Safety thus releasing Kayleigh to spend more time on Resources.

Danielle and Demi-Leigh will split their time between all rooms however will primarily be based upstairs. Kimberley is now setting out on her probationary period as a full-time EYP and we wish her well.

Dawn had a little boy, James Peter at the end of November and mother and son are doing well.



Please be reminded that the Sort Code for Santander is 09 01 29 and Account Number 01756360. Please note fee schedule as per your invoice.


Nursery Opening

The Nursery closes every evening at 6.30 pm from 6th January 2017. It is important that all parents arrive at least 10 minutes before this time in order to have the chance for effective feedback on their child/children.

Please speak to Gillian or myself if you have any questions?


Illness, Bugs, Warm Clothes and Outdoor Play

Please ensure that labelled outdoor clothes as well as indoor ‘light’ clothes are here in the Nursery. I am fairly sure that most have all the necessary clothing though.

Note: If your child has been physically sick or has a high temperature that seems more than a cold, you must not bring him/her into the Nursery.

If a child is physically sick they must remain off for 48 hours.


What have the Children been up to?


This month’s topics have been Winter and Christmas. We have been celebrating Christmas by the children singing lots of songs and them making several pictures for you to take home.  Our displays were changed to reflect the season.

The highlights are as always the messy play and the trips out in the buggies. I hope that there were not too many unwashable clothes this month.

We have also been busy preparing for new arrivals; there will be five new starts after New Year. Consequently the sleep room for Dazzlers has to be expanded and more cots purchased. This sleep area will now be placed in the old ‘messy’ room and the front room near the office will revert to a play/messy room for the Dazzler children.



Explorers have been busy painting and gluing for their winter displays. The Christmas painting schedule was hectic and the small gifts of the calendar, key-rings and the personalised card they helped make went down very well with you all.

In the garden the children have been helping Mike prepare the ground for the new frame; you can see this in the New Year.

They made ‘white’ pizza and gingerbread during the month, all the senses were used during these activities and the children really enjoyed these activities.

For the Christmas party the worked hard practicing carol singing and learning some games.

Explorers have another two children moving up to Little Learners in January as well as having two new starts.


Little Learners

This month’s topic for Little Learners was pretty obvious – Christmas! The singing and dancing routines were fantastic as was witnessed at the big party.

They all helped decorate the rooms and make presents for their parents/carers, some even made extra presents and cards for uncles and aunties, grannies and granddads.

There was also a great deal of room-shifting done with children discussing the best ways to set out the rooms for play and learning.

Baking was a big theme this past month with Joyce helping the children out with some sort of baking product every week.

The Christmas party this year had the Little Learners singing their Christmas Carols. They were excellent. 


Final Notice

If you are throwing out any decent children outdoor toys, scooters, prams, cars, etc that you do not want please bring them here?

We constantly recycle these things and you can clear clutter as well as assist the Nursery.


Closure Time

Friday 30th December

The Nursery will close at 5.00pm on this day.

 Lots of fantastic stuff happened here last month. What an exciting time.


From all at Appin

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