Newsletter: November 2016

Forward Planning

Christmas and New Year

Please see the notice at the end of the newsletter


Partnership Update

I now have the two spreadsheets with funding details for those children eligible for sums from Fife Council for terms 1 and 2. Letters have been prepared on an individual basis.

I would appreciate a swift return on the tear-off slip and once monies are in the Nursery account I will immediately pay this to parents via BACS transfer.

If you have any questions please speak to me in the first instance. The process is pretty complicated.



Staffing News

Manager’s Post

There has not been enough interest in the advertised post and certainly not enough qualified and experienced people have applied to create a short-leet. This is also the experience of several nurseries in Scotland. As a result of this I am going to re- advertise the post in spring.

The position of Manager here has been mine as a job-share for 26 months now and I have shared this post with both Pauline and Angela recently. The experience I have gained as an EYP Manager has been invaluable and has enhanced my many years experience as an Educational Manager.

Therefore from January 2017 I will take on the position full-time on a temporary basis with Gillian as Depute. You are hopefully aware that I am fully qualified and have a great deal of experience now in every level of education. I trust that you will continue to support the staff and myself. Please speak to me if you wish to know more.




Please be reminded that the Sort Code for Santander is 09 01 29 and Account Number 01756360. Please note fee schedule as per your invoice.


Nursery Opening

I have now spent several months reviewing the hours of opening, the costs involved and the number of parents requiring a longer session. As you are aware I have not put up the fees for eighteen months now in spite of rising wages and other costs and must find savings elsewhere.

The decision has now been made to close the Nursery every evening at 6.30 pm from 6th January 2017. It is important that all parents arrive at least 10 minutes before this time in order to have the chance for effective feedback on their child/children.

Please speak to Gillian or myself if you have any questions?


Illness, Bugs, Warm Clothes and Outdoor Play

The cold weather has arrived and we are keen to have the children experience as much outdoor play as possible. We are however stopping the Forest trips until Spring but will continue to have outings and days out, particularly if it snows.

Please ensure that labelled outdoor clothes as well as indoor ‘light’ clothes are here in the Nursery. I am fairly sure that most have all the necessary clothing though.

Note: If your child has been physically sick or has a high temperature that seems more than a cold, you must not bring him/her into the Nursery.

If a child is physically sick they must remain off for 48 hours.


Notices Over- More about the Nursery now

What have the Children been up to?


This month’s topics have been Diwali, Weather & Winter and also St Andrews day. We have been celebrating Diwali by making a wall of colourful handprints and coloured lanterns. Also we died rice and played with coloured rice to celebrate the festival of colours!

Other topics have been winter and the change in weather. The children worked together to make a winter forest display making frosty snowy hills and lovely sparkly trees and a starry night display with a lovely starry sky and big houses they designed with chalk and black paper.

Our last topic was St Andrews Day which the children celebrated by making flags and also a big thistle. Lots to do in such a short month! The children’s interest at the moment is cleaning! So as a treat from the funds Dazzlers have made with several fund raising ideas they have bought a Henry Hover as some children we very interested in sweeping and hovering trying to use the big Henry! The children love the new hover.



This month Explorers have been busy painting and gluing for their winter displays. They also made snow and polar bear pictures. They seem to have really enjoyed getting messy.

Outside in the garden they also discovered ice during our frosty weather which they said was “Chilly”!! Also walks to the local park which the children always enjoy.

They have been making lots of different colours of play dough to celebrate Diwali as play dough is one of the things they seem to enjoy the most at the moment. As well as looking after their dollies and bathing them in the water tray.

Coming up soon we have our Christmas party so they have been working hard practicing carol singing.

Explorers have also had two children moving up to Little Learners this month and a few more before Christmas. Growing up so Fast!


Little Learners

This month’s topic for Little Learners has been Bonfire night, Diwali and we have just started winter.

The Little Learners have celebrated Bonfire night making our own firework pictures by flicking and stamping paint. For Diwali we have made henna hands and colourful lanterns and learned all about the festival of lights!

The Little Learners have also brought their inner baker out, just in time for the Christmas Bake Off, this month we have baked cinnamon bread, chocolate crispy cakes, and fairy cakes. The children thought these were very yummy!

We have also had our last trip to the forest for this year as it has begun to become a little too chilly for us now. We noticed that it was “icy” and “freezing” but we still enjoyed climbing short trees, building pretend fires and playing hide-and-seek.

For our Christmas party this year the Little Learners have been rehearsing their Christmas Carols. They have enjoyed learning all the songs and can sing rather loudly and confidently now- I’m sure you’ve probably all heard them at home by now. They are all very excited to sing their songs for you, and especially for Santa!


Final Notice

If you are throwing out any decent children outdoor toys, scooters, prams, cars, etc that you do not want please bring them here?

We constantly recycle these things and you can clear clutter as well as assist the Nursery.

Only photos of LLs this month though I will need to chase up the other rooms for photos.



Forward Planning

The Christmas Bake Off


Wednesday 30th (St Andrews day) and Thursday 1st December

Staff  have spent a lot of time thinking about what they will bake to sell. Please bring in some change and purchase a few delicious cakes?

Also please take part in the raffle for Joyce’s magnificent Christmas Cake.


The Christmas Fairies

Wednesday Night 30th November

That night, somehow during the staff meeting, the Fairies will appear, probably Rudolph as well if he is not too sick, he certainly has a broken leg! Look out for the rooms on 1st December.

If you have any older or unwanted Christmas stuff then just let Gillian or the Seniors know, we can always do with more!


Christmas Party and Carols

Saturday 17th December 9.00am till 11.00am

All children, parents, carers and Grandparents are invited to the Netherton Institute that morning for fun, food, games and secret visitor.

Please try to arrive just before 9.00am since we have a tight schedule of fun to follow. We are starting with Carols, then food, then games and finally ‘Santa’.

If you are coming, or cannot make this event, can you please let the staff in rooms know asap?


Closure Times

Friday 23rd and Friday 30th December

The Nursery will close at 5.00pm on these days.


Christmas and New Year Closing

The Nursery will be closed

Monday 26th December 2016

Tuesday 27th December 2016

Monday 2nd January 2017

Tuesday 3rd January 2017


Staff Holidays

It would be of great assistance to us here, in order to allow staff to have some time off during the build up to Christmas and New Year and during the festive season, if you could let us know your holiday plans. There are sheets in each area, please let staff know?

Thank you in advance.

Lots of fantastic stuff is happening here this coming month. What an exciting time.


From all at Appin

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