Here at Appin Nursery & Crèche we have a Philosophy we abide by for the care and education of all our children and toddlers:

Our children must enjoy energetic activity both indoors and out each day and benefit from the feeling of wellbeing and independence that this brings. We know that physical activity and learning are strongly linked in a highly beneficial way.

Our team of Nursery staff model respectful behaviour throughout our Nursery, both towards each other and towards our babies and children. We actively listen to and acknowledge all our children’s views and feelings and help them become aware of and respect the needs and feelings of others.

We strive to give our children opportunities and encouragement to engage in as wide a range of experiences as possible.

We are committed to the full inclusion of all children in our Nursery. Children with additional support needs are welcomed and fully included. We actively help children to develop positive attitudes towards others whose gender, language, religion or culture is different from their own.

Stable and positive relationships allow each baby and child to feel safe and secure. Children will be helped to know the rules needed for their own safety and how to seek help in case of worry or upset. Every staff member considers your child’s safety to be their responsibility.

We want our babies and children to become and remain as healthy as they can be. We encourage our children to develop healthy eating habits, to experience the healthy benefits of active play, and to understand the difference between healthy and unhealthy behaviours. Our staff implement strict health, safety and hygiene controls at all times.

Each child is considered special in the way that they are able to develop their achievements. All staff are committed and creative in the way that they match activities and experiences to the needs of every child. We believe that all children should regularly experience challenging but attainable learning experiences.

We strongly believe that the relationships that our babies and young children have with us are extremely important in their young lives now and will help them to progress after they leave us. We are committed to ensuring that all our babies and young children feel loved, secure, happy, safe and well looked after

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